Cronolux LED 25W CREE
Cronolux LED 40W CREE
Pricklux Tube LED 18W
LED Indoor lighting
Led spotlight rail RAPSODY LED 30W
Led spotlight rail RAPSODY SPOT LED 30W
LED Indoor lighting
LED emergency lighting KRAMFOR 12W
LED emergency lighting MARAK 12W
LED PANEL 30x30cm emergency lighting 12W
Multifunción emergencia
LED lamp COB Sharp 9W High Power
Round COB adjustable 6W
Round COB adjustable 9W
LED Indoor lighting
Led outdoor flood light SLIM,  10W
Led flood light SLIM 20W
Led flood light SLIM 50W
LED Outdoor lighting
220V SMD5050 High Power LED strip, 1m (60Led/m)
LED Strip 220V SMD5050 High Power, 50m (60Led/m)
LED strip 220V-SMD5050 High Power plug EU
LED Strips
Led cube planter KVADRAT
Led cube planter GIANT RGB rechargeable
Led cube planter KANTIG RGB rechargeable
Accessories and furnishings
18,95 €
Cronolux LED 60W Samsung -
129,00 €
Pricklux Tube LED 25W -
79,00 €
Cronolux LED 38W Samsung -
79,00 €
Pendant lamp RING 43W, Ø60cm -
259,00 €
LED StarPanel 50W - 60x60cm -
69,00 €
On orders 50€ and over
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Ledbox is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of high quality LED equipment. Ledbox is one of the foremost companies in the Led sector.Our profesionals offer personal advice about all kind of Lighting projects. We have a wide product selection,including LED light bulbs, LED spotlights, LED tubes, LED recessed lamps, LED panels, LED desktop lamps, LED street urban lights, and so on.

Compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs and to fluorescent tubes, our LED lights have a longer lifecycle, they consume less energy and they aren´t made of dangerous substances such as mercury. As a result, LedBox products are increasingly used as indoor lighting, office lighting, street lighting, domestic lighting, schools, parks, shopping centers, banks, hospitals, hotels, industrial premises, factories, stations, exhibition halls, stadiums, squares and residences,amongst others.LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting, LED kitchen lighting, LED bathroom lighting, LED decorative lighting, LED kids lighting, lighting bulbs, LED E14 bulbs, LED E27 bulbs, LED GU10 bulbs, LED GX5,3 bulbs, LED G4 bulbs, LED G9 bulbs, LED G24d-1 bulbs, LED lamps, LED strips, LED torchs, LED tubes, LED accessories, industrial LED lighting, LED street lighting, LED sockets, LED E14 sockets, LED E27 sockets, LED GU10 sockets, LED GX5,3 sockets,LED G4 sockets, LED G9 sockets, LED G24d-1 sockets.